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Frensham Vale Action Group (FVAG)

Promoting sensible community planning to match the environment and infrastructure of our small semi-rural area.

​Our Farnham Neighbourhood Plan

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ADOPTED 3rd April 2020

The FNP 2013-2032 sets out a vision for the future of Farnham and planning policies that will be used to determine planning applications locally. It also contains housing site allocations.

The FNP now Adopted.

House site for sale.  In Flood Plain! 30 Frensham Vale

NOTE! Caveat emptor!
30 Frensham Vale.
See Environment Agency Flood Map below on right - from the EA planning documants. 


We are a local community group in Farnham, Surrey,

Here is our problem:

Waverley Borough Council - Potential housing sites outside settlements Appendix 7


Here is our solution:

'Brownfield land that is considered suitable for housing development has the capacity to support at least one million new homes' (CPRE)


See more images of recent floods and a video in right column and on NEWS PAGE.


Click on arrows below to see more images.

NB. This is NOT a river this is the public road of Frensham Vale in flood.

BRAND NEW 20th March 2022 (click reference number below)
WA/2022/00906 Two detached dwellings
Latest Planning Application for 30 Frensham Vale for 2 more houses (6 houses in all which exceeds Land Registry Deeds)

Please NOTE!
30 Frensham Vale - Multiple Planning Applications in the column below. Photographs and Information to the left and also below.
These houses are being built OUTSIDE of the the Built-Up Boundary.

30 Frensham Vale Flood Warning - Scenes after storm Dennis 16-02-2020 Photographs below captured by Frensham Vale neighbours.
Bi Annual flooding with deep floods during a 20 year period.
See flooding photographs on this site. Note Plot 2 Savills Estate Agents.
For Sale Housing Plot 2 situated in centre of The Environmet Agency Flood Map... It Floods on this Flood Plane! Flood Zone 3b
30 Frensham Vale House Flood in
Our small rural area

What's in FVAG Membership  Area?

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NEW UPDATES Frensham Forest - 2,000 trees 


30 Frensham Vale looking East towards A2
30 Frensham Vale River banks overflowing
30 Frensham Vale House Flood in
30 Frensham Vale (on right) Car approach
30 Frensham Vale Flood Plain (adjacent 1
30 Frensham Vale Flood Plain East (adjac
30 Frensham Vale House Flood in road Pan

30 Frensham Vale Flooding in the road

Before Flooding

A Summer's Day

30 Frensham Vale Updated Flood Map for Planning from the Environment Agency flood photographic history.
30 Frensham Vale GU10 3HT

A  Flood Zone 3b site and is OUTSIDE the Built-up area

PLEASE NOTE - There are No Planning Applications for 30 FRENSHAM VALE included in the Farnham Neighbourhood Plan 2013 - 2032 {see left hand column for Finalised FNP}


95.5% of Farnham Residents said
Yes to the Farnham Neighbourhood Plan only 4.5% said No

7,472  Local People Voted giving an overwhelming vote of confidence in favour of the Farnham Neighbourhood Plan - timescale 2013 - 2032

See a sample here of recent floods at 30 Frensham Vale

NEW - August 2020 WA/2018/1932 - PLOT 3 gone for Appeal (revised as WA/2019/1706 (after November refusal!)


January 2020 WA/2018/1931 - PLOT 2 gone for Appeal To see details Click here...

Plot 1 gone for Appeal

WA/2018/1912 to see Appeal Documents objecting sent by neighbours Click here... - decision due in February 2020.

November 2019

Land at Frensham Vale

October 2019 - Waverley Planning have REFUSED Plot 3 REFUSED 04/10/19


September 2019 - Waverley Planning have REFUSED Plot 1 REFUSED 09/09/19

REFUSED Plot 2 REFUSED 13/09/19



on separate Plot 1, Plot 2 & Plot 3

JULY 2018 - ANOTHER THREE NEW PLANNING APPLICATIONS - Mr Charles Abrahams and Mrs Victoria Abrahams - At Springfield, 30 Frensham Vale, Lower Bourne, GU10 3HT - See latest status below.

Mr Charles Abrahams and Mrs Victoria Abrahams - At Springfield, 30 Frensham Vale, Lower Bourne, GU10

Have submitted 3 separate, individual planning applications, which disregards the reasons for Waverley’s recent refusals; namely, the Neighbourhood Plan, the Local Plan, environmental damage to the Bourne, National Planning Policy Framework, Planning laws, increased risk of flooding to nearby properties along Frensham Vale, Douglas Grove and roads off Frensham Vale, and that the fact that the proposed 3 houses are situated ‘beyond the built up boundary’ etc.  

We hope you are able to submit your comments to the Appeal directly - to do so you must first register (or have previously registered) on this site to make your comments. Click on link to first register


Then click here to add your comments to Plot 3 Appeal :

The Farnham Society Objection to
30 Frensham Vale WA/2018/0797


NEW 'SILENT' Planning Application - Owner trying to hide New Application after loosing Appeal !! (see 'Previous Appeal Refused' further below).

Please click here for 30 Frensham Vale

See above to open the two new Applications

Previous Appeal Refused

 Read Inspector's report here... 


Inspectorate Guidance document here

30 Frensham Vale

Planning Application

WA/2015/2287 here.


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