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30 Frensham Vale
This site is OUTSIDE the Built-Up Area
Finalised FNP Please click here

95.5% of Farnham Residents said
Yes to the Farnham Neighbourhood Plan only 4.5% said No - Overwhelming vote of confidence in favour of the FNP 2013 - 2032

7,472 Local Peopla voted to APPROVE the FNP

Land at Frensham Vale

ANOTHER NEW APPLICATION WA/2019/1706 A Revised PLOT 3 (after November refusal!)

November 2019


September 2019 - Waverley Planning have REFUSED

Plot 1 REFUSED 09/09/19

Plot 2 REFUSED 13/09/19


on separate Plot 1, (deadline for Plot 2 & 3 is 2/1/19)

Plot 2 & Plot 3 - Mr Charles Abrahams and Mrs Victoria Abrahams - At Springfield, 30 Frensham Vale, Lower Bourne, GU10

Have submitted 3 separate, individual planning applications, which disregards the reasons for Waverley’s recent refusals; namely, the Neighbourhood Plan, the Local Plan, environmental damage to the Bourne, National Planning Policy Framework, Planning laws, increased risk of flooding to nearby properties along Frensham Vale, Douglas Grove and roads off Frensham Vale, and that the fact that the proposed 3 houses are situated ‘beyond the built up boundary’ etc.  



At Springfield, 30 Frensham Vale, Lower Bourne, GU10 3HT


The applications to divide the TPO Woodland using the man-made opening following ‘TPO maintenance’ is now 8m wide - enough width for a two car Driveway. This application is not elegant – it is a Gateway and Creosote Style Wooden Fence around the perimeter of the newly created man-made gap that ‘appeared’ following their successful application TM/2016/0189 intended for TPO tree maintenance. The result of this application has left a scorched earth break 8m wide in the Woodland. This seems to be merely a ploy, to clear a new entrance devoid of any shrubs or trees leaving no partial Frensham Vale screening effect as stated in the application TM/2016/0189.


The new applications for driveways' looping configuration across the floodplain (Click here to see 30 FV NEW Landscape), shows the owner of 30 Frensham Vale is running rings around Waverley Planning and Waverley Tree Department to obtain a new driveway (previously Refused by Waverley Planning and Dismissed by the Inspector on Appeal - see below) and at the risk of local residents.  


We have asked for a review and re-examination the status of 'Certificate of Lawfulness under Section 192 for the construction of a driveway’ in light of planning history. Waverley have been asked to re-designate these to conventional planning application to ensure residents in Frensham Vale and beyond are notified officially as well as all previous residents who made objections to the last application. FVAG have asked for everyone who objected to the Driveway proposals to be informed of all new Applications at 30 Frensham Vale.


The current classification 'Certificate of Lawfulness under Section 192' requires NO notification to local residents or previous objectors). Log in to Members Section to read our Letter of Complaint as well as the scheming of just ‘one’ resident against the wishes of hundreds of rate-paying residents.

Planning Application for 30 Frensham Vale - Appeal Refused

Read Inspector's report here... 

This house was owned by Mr J Hemsley and is now owned by Mr and Mrs Abrahams. The NEW planning application reference WA/2015/2287 can be found on WBC's planning page or by clicking here.


This Application was refused by Waverley BC but the owners have gone to APPEAL - DEADLINE 20th MAY 2016 see Inspertorate Guidance here. Please use the guidance above as needed and ideally add your own words and style.


The application is for a new drive onto Frensham Vale however, you will see there has been a disproportionate amount of work undertaken to survey the site, which is ominous. This coupled with deceits, falsehoods, changes to number 30’s front garden involving the felling of several mature oaks along with and other garnered information, means this planning application cannot be taken at face value or ignored. This new entrance cuts through the trees that have an existing TPO (here), and circumvents the Ransom Strip associated with the existing drive, which opens up the possibility for further housing development. We successfully thwarted any development in the past and the existing report on 30 FV from Nigel Hartley at Chestnut Planning is still applies.


The deadline date to make your APPEAL objection is 20th May 2016. Please use either of the following objections or select text as needed and ideally add your own words and style.

Sample Objection 1 Sample Objection 2

Sample Photos - Right Click and 'Save Image As... either in a file or on your Desktop to download


Before Felling TPO tree gap
Cedars and Oaks felled to create gap.
TPO illegal Cedar tree felling.
Cedars and Oaks felled to create gap.
Health Cedar Trees cut down in TPO Woodland.
Cedars and Oaks felled to create gap.
Health Cedar Trees cut down in TPO Woodland.
TPO Gap widened, cleared and new growth removed.
Health Cedar Trees cut down in TPO Woodland.
Health Cedar Trees cut down in TPO Woodland.
TPO Felling - From This...
Health Cedar and Oak Trees cut down in TPO Woodland.
... to this widened gap in TPO Woodland  giving access to front garden - WHY?
The small gap before Waverley Council allowed more TPO Felling.
This driveway is now CLOSED.
Existing Driveway entrance.
TPO gap made wider by owners.
This driveway is now CLOSED.
Existing Driveway wide enough for Refuse Vehicles etc.
30 Frensham Vale changing seasons - Flooding problems
Flood Plane adjaacent to 30 Frensham Vale - which is also a Flood Zone 3 Flood Plane.
Extensive flood water at 30 Frensham Vale GU10 3HT.
Fluvial flood water flowing down Frensham Vale.
Car submerged in flood. Driver cannt see 1Metre deep ditch on left side.
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