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Frensham Vale  FLOODS

This page contains more photographs and  videos of Frensham Vale  floods.

Meeting WBC Planning on 17th August 2022 to discuss NEW 20th March 2022 (click reference number below) WA/2022/00906 Two detached dwellings Latest Planning Application for 30 Frensham Vale for 2 more houses (6 houses in all which exceeds Land Registry Deeds)

Frensham Vale after storm Dennis 16-02-2020 Photographs captured by Frensham Vale neighbours.
  • WA/2022/00906 Conflicts and Contradicts the Built-Up Area Boundary

  • Not Compliant with the Farnham Neighbourhood Plan

  • Paragraph 15 sets out that planning should be genuinely plan-led and amongst other matters should…

  • provide a platform for local people to shape their surroundings. The FNP sought to do this.

  • Therefore, granting planning permission for a development that would so clearly conflict with the strategy within a relatively recently made neighbourhood plan (FNP) undermines the entire neighbourhood planning process

  • Not compliant with the Waverley Local Plan

  • Conflicts with the Waverley FRA and the Guildford flood directive

  • 30 Frensham Vale Site is not included o the Waverly list available sites

  • No Exception Test carried out as required by the Environment Agency

  • No Sequential Test Carried out as Requested by the Environment Agency

  • No agreement or consultation with the Local Residents (see Gove MP statements) and Paragraph 15 note above

  • The Housing Delivery Test 2021 published 14th January 2022 states the housing delivery rate for the Borough is 109% - more housing is not needed and by definition is not Sustainable.

  • The Deeds of the Property do not allow these houses to be built on this site and are legally prohibited

  • Making the 5th and 6thPlot ‘A and B’ is an attempt at deceitfulness

  • The site is designated by the Environment Agency as Flood Zone 3b There is NO DRY ESCAPE for any resident via the only EXIT to Frensham Vale.This conflicts with the Guidance on Flooding issued by the EA and other advisory bodies.

  • The Drag distance for Bins conflicts with health regulations.

PLANNING APPLICATION SUBMITTED for 35 Frensham Vale WAS DISMISSED ON APPEAL - To see all planning information - go to Planning Application WA/2014/1890 - click here 






Letter printed in Farnham Herald
22nd October 2020 View Here

23rd November 2014 

Flood water at Craig-Y-Barns 35 Frensham Vale, Surrey AFTER tree felling.

Flooding 23rd November 2014

Flooding 7th November 2014

Flooding 14th November 2014

Video of flooding 6th December 2014

Some other dates on which flooding occured in Frensham Vale following tree felling.

8th January 2015

15th January 2015

These are the most recent dates Frensham Vale flooded:

2014-Nov 7th

2014-Nov 14th

2014-Nov 23rd

2014-Dec 6th

2015-Jan 8th

2015-Jan 15th

2016-Jan 11th (night flood)

2020-February 16th

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