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35 Frensham Vale Craig-Y-Barns



Waverley Planning Refused this planning Proposal TWICE - The Planning Inspector REFUSED the 1st and the second appeal - at huge cost to the Public Purse a

After the previous TWO schemes were rightly rejected by both Waverley and the Government Inspector the landowner and developers went to the Secretary of State  with the most dangerous and intrusive proposal.

See WA/2016/1534)

2nd Appeal DISMISSED


297 and a further 133 residents objected.

Previously they pre-empted the decision by removing trees from the site on a Saturday morning.

The ongoing flood risk from the development along Frensham Vale was a key factor in the rejections of the two previous scheme. The latest proposal arguably makes matters worse and yet they are ignoring Waverley Planners the Appeal Inspector and hundreds of local residents!  Trying to push it through on a technicality despite potentially lethal consequences.

We call on your support to make sure the new scheme, which is totally contrary to the Farnham and Waverley Plans, is rejected. Go to Waverley Planning website (click here to see WA/2016/1534).


THE PREVIOUS PANNING APPLICATIONS for 35 Frensham Vale WERE  DISMISSED ON APPEAL - To see all planning information - go to Planning Application WA/2014/1890 - click here 

APPEAL DECISION - click here


N.B. REFERENCE (Planning Inspectorate Reference) APP/R3650/W/15/3008821 

N.B. Original [2014] advice covering 'Grounds for Objection' click here

What's involved in taking part in an appeal?

35 Frensham Vale Craig-Y-Barns

A completely inappropriate hillside location for a housing estate!

The Appeal for 35 Frensham Vale to build 46 houses has been Dismissed. This is primarily with regards to the Neighbourhood Plan and 'Harm to the Landscape', so this implies it is difficult for the developers to come back. The Developers claim for court cost was also refused.

Appeal Decision July 2017 click here

Costs Decision click here


To see this application go to:

Waverley Planning website and see WA/2016/1534.

See NEW Possible Objections here

See PREVIOUS Possible Objections here (still valid)

See Farnham Herald Advertisement here

See new Objection from Farnham Town Council

Map of 35 Frensham Vale


Farnham Herald article


Neame Sutton Environmental Impact Assessment


Waverley Borough Council Screening Option


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